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CYRANIE NUTRITION has been developing, manufacturing and marketing a range of products for health facilities (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres, etc.) for over 15 years.

CYRANIE NUTRITION has established a name for itself on this market by specializing in food and nutrition for hospital patients or residents of other care facilities, notably the elderly.

Our products are developed in close collaboration with our customers and our R&D Department. Cyranie products combine taste with proven effectiveness based on the nutritional qualities necessary for the prevention of undernutrition.

Most of our range is available in dried format, for more economical, easy to dose and sanitary products.

Our sales representatives are trained to assist you in setting up your nutrition programmes.

We offer a level of proximity, responsiveness and sense of service that greatly simplify your daily work.

All of our products are carefully selected and manufactured in strict compliance with HACCP principles under IFS certification..